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Wait!  How much does that cost???

I have always said, "Everyone loves art until they have to pay for it."   I do not say this to be mean or arrogant, however, the truth is that these kind of skills take a long time to master and so the fee for this skillset must be equal to the end result. 

My fee is as follows:
The final cost of your drawing will be determined by the complexity of the pictures provided.  On average, a female face usually takes longer to draw because most have long hair and hair takes time and skill!  Most single headshot drawings take between 5-7 hours, again, depending on complexity.   The wonderful part about having a keepsake such as this is that it will remain in your family line indefinitely.  Not only will I provide you with the original, but I will also scan the work so that you can save it for all time.   These renders can be passed down from generation to generation and the older they get, the more priceless they become.   So, even though there might be some sticker shock at first, consider what you are getting in return.  A piece of art and history that is absolutely unique and increases value both monitarily and sentimentally over time. 

The tools I use to produce a rendering are very basic.   The lead is .5 B-hb-2b and the Paper of choice is Strathmore Smooth Bristol.  Other tools are different kinds of erasers and rulers.   My artwork does not include any photoshop or digital inputs except for basic clean up of the outside parts of the image for display on the web. 


Commission Inquiries

If you wish to inquire about commissioning a work, feel free to fill out the form and contact me.